What Buyers should expect from an Estate Agent
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What Buyers should expect from an Estate Agent

As a buyer, you will need to pay an agent for services provided in buying the property.

You may have to deal with several agents or their representatives, depending on who is in charge of the sale of such property of interest. You can leave the details of the needed property and the price range to more than one agent. One or more of the agents will then contact you if your prescribed property is available in their bulletin.

As a buyer, you can expect the following from your agent:

  • The agent should be able to answer many questions about advertised property
  • Arrange for site and property inspections
  • Communicate to the seller your genuine offers
  • Present you a copy of the seller’s agreement when they are available
  • Keep your contact details so as to provide meaningful advice about similar properties for sale
  • Ensure and arrange the proper signing of the property sale agreement.

Who are Buyer’s Agents?
A buyer’s agent is an authorized estate agent or firm who acts for a buyer for a fee or commission. They can bid for property at property markets, source for properties and also represent the buyer all through the buying process. They act on the Instruction of the buyer. You can do a Google search of professional real agents in your area or use a directory like www.realestateagent.com if you are in USA.

A Buyer’s agent should be able to properly disclose the exact price of property for sale or lease. The disclosed price should reflect the advertised seller’s price or that of his agent. Any changes in seller’s advertised price or that of his agent(s) i.e. if the seller increase or decrease the price of a property, the new price must be properly communicated to the Buyer to avoid price conflicts.

In cases where a single agent is acting both for the buyer and seller, the agent must act ethically and professionally when carrying out his duties. This is because the relationship an agent has with a buyer will differ to that of the seller. Therefore, the buyer should be aware the seller’s agent major responsibility is to the seller.


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