Steps in Making Right Decisions When Buying a Property
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Steps in Making Right Decisions When Buying a Property

Buying or selling a property can be difficult and might take some time. Even before you make the ‘Last Decision’ about the property you wish to buy, where to source money to finance the purchase, or which agent, surveyor or lawyer you engage while selling your property, there are other important decisions you will have to make. Doing your research by following some simple steps will help you make right choices and also help avoid costly mistakes.

Get Informed

Learn as much as you can by educating yourself about property terms and property market values while attending property auctioning and monitoring the outcome of those auctions.

Know Exactly What You Want

You can start by making a full list of all the essential features you desire in a property and also a separate list of other not too essential features you can find in a property that can attract you to that property when they are at affordable prices.

Don’t Be In a Rush

Do not be rushed into making quick decisions. There is a lot of money at stake and you will be paying back your property loan for a long period of time. Make sure you are paying for the property you initially desire. Doing a lot of research can save you good time and money. For example, you can go for a fully completed home rather than going through the rigorous process of completing an uncompleted building when purchased.

Educate Yourself

Teach yourself about the services and products offered by Estate Agents, Lawyers, Surveyors, Engineers and town planners. There are many online services offering free professional advice – by educating yourself, you can put their advice into actions. Websites such as is an excellent source of information. Getting advice from several sources will give rest of mind that you will be getting value for the money spent while your needs are being met. Increasingly, Digit Properties provides an excellent database for professionally managed properties where you can research the type of property for your dream. Simply use a search bar placed at corners of the website or use the link

Read All Documents before You Sign

While buying or selling a property, you will have to sign different forms of agreement such as loan agreement, sale agreement, etc. Make sure you read understand all terms and conditions. Also make sure all verbal agreements are put into written and stated clearly to know what you are actually committing yourself to. If you are uncertain about some terms, there is no crime in asking for further explanation and if you are still uncertain, it is better seek your professional advice before signing. It is not advisable to use your seller’s professionals as they tend to support their client (seller) to have to have a successful transaction. Make sure you read and fully understand what you are signing, before you sign it and also be sure you keep all signed documents as safe as possible.

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