Roles of Land Surveyors in a Real Estate Transaction
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Roles of Land Surveyors in a Real Estate Transaction

Many of us has seen surveyors either on a parcel of land or on a road stretch, looking through there telescopes and marking points on the ground. The information provided from their measurements gives us rest of mind, knowing that the property you are trying to buy or sell are the ones that are stated to be on the survey plan provided. And best of all, the plan provided is an official document that has on it all the certification, seals and signatures and can be used for any type of public recording.

They are often called map makers because the end product of their job is a map, plan or chart of something. Say parcel of land or water bodies.

Many are wondering what the surveyors are looking for or looking at when they look through their telescopes during a project? They are most of the times doing one of the following:

  1. Designating and marking out all routes like road, pedestrian walkways, etc for individual plots in a layout.
  2. Demarcating property lines also know as boundary lines so as to know the exact size, shape and also location with reference to other properties or known datum.
  3. The surveyor also checks property line for encroachment on other properties so as to prevent unnecessary land disputes which may cost a lot to resolve.
  4. The surveyor determines the exact placement of buildings and other structures as specified in a drawing and also ensure that they conform with the building laws and regulations
  5. And many more.

The nature of the job to be done determines what the surveyor needs to do. If it is setting out of a layout, the surveyor sets out individual property lines, all access routes and other features of the layout. If it is setting out of a route design, the surveyor sets out all vertical and horizontal alignments from the road design.

The surveyor will also make sure there are no vacant lands mostly called “no man’s land” between adjacent properties. This is important because:

  1. It enables us to know the ownership of such land as someone should be responsible for any action or mishap that might take place on the lot.
  2. The lot will not vulnerable to illegal use by miscreants as hideout for their evil act which can raise security issues on the surrounding community.
  3. It will add more value to adjacent plot where the vacant plot was determined.

If you require the services of a surveyor for your projects, make sure you hire a licensed surveyor for your services. They have rules guiding their profession and are not willing to risk the governing body disciplinary action.

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