How to Hire a Good Real Estate Lawyer
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How to Hire a Good Real Estate Lawyer

A real estate lawyer is different from an ordinary lawyer. Transactions in real estate are different from other business transactions, so it is important to hire a lawyer who is experienced and understands more of real estate business. Hiring an ordinary lawyer without good real estate knowledge poses a great risk.

A good real estate lawyer can take a lot of the pressure off you by taking responsibility for coordinating a real estate team. A good lawyer is strong, experienced and also self-confident enough to know what is needed to be done or required at the right time. Most often, new challenges arise irrespective of how experienced your lawyer is. You will not like your lawyers experimenting with your transactions; you will want a lawyer who knows so many professionals he or she can call on to block all loop holes.

A good real estate lawyer keeps other professionals on track at the right time with good deliverables. A good real estate lawyer must be your best friend.

A good business owner will definitely want to know future problems that could come his or her way; they will on the other hand want to know how to solve such problems. A good real estate lawyer will not only identify problems but will also know how to tackle these problems. Do not employ a lawyer that conduct’s himself or herself in a way that makes you uncomfortable e.g. rude, becomes angry when under pressure, etc.

Specifically, it’s a lawyer’s job to read and evaluate all documents, third-party agreements or reports, survey plans, sale agreements, and loan or mortgage documents.

Hiring a good lawyer does not have to be expensive. Make sure there is a clear agreement on how payment will be made. It can be a fixed charge or a percentage of the transacted amount. Not agreeing on payment mode can put both parties at odd which might not favour the real estate business. However, a good lawyer must work in the interest of its clients irrespective of the fee arrangement.

What to Look For in a Real Estate Lawyer

  • Must have had past knowledge, wisdom and judgment in real estate.
  • Must have the time to attend to your needs.
  • Must know series of professionals and when to contact them.
  • Must be willing to engage the assistance of other lawyers.
  • Must be ready to work as a team
  • Must have engaged previously in other real estate transactions.
  • Must not have any previous malpractice claims or Bar complaints.

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