The best time to invest in Nigeria real estate is now!
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The best time to invest in Nigeria real estate is now!

The first decade of the twenty first century proved itself a good time to invest in commercial land. Interest rates on loan at that time are at historic lows, capital is almost instantly accessible, inflation is low, the real estate market seems poised for substantial growth and some tax relief Act has created variety of considerable tax benefits for commercial land investors. These factors show the very fact that this is the time to buy. This is a scenario that continues through the end of the last decade.

Understanding the commercial land market nowadays ought to begin with an understanding of its historical context. Within the late Eighties, a true estate boom was moving toward its peak. Interest rates and inflation were mounting. Land was widely seen as the way to “beat inflation.” Once bankers became overextended and the financial authorities contracted credit, the market folded. Subtle investors were selling, whereas neophyte investors were buying.

By the first Nineties, the real estate market in most areas had folded. Several commercial land developers were bankrupted lots of workplace buildings, hotels, motels, houses, and flat buildings were sold-out for pennies. Land investors were fully discouraged. It had been an excellent time to buy, however it needed nerves of steel and only those who are not affected by the economy (outside the country) can afford to invest.

Today’s Nigeria land market seems to have got rid of that dismal atmosphere within the mid-1990s and to be on its way to prosperous times. Those who had invested during the hard times have multiple gains.

What the future will bring is tough to predict, land markets have exhibited great volatility within the past and will beyond any doubt do so within the future. However, buying land currently seems to give the wise investor, who has “bought right,” the chance to gain a grip for compounding future earnings that constitute the surest type of wealth creation. Buying right needs an understanding of the fundamental conditions and procedure for success during a particular real estate sector and having the aptitude of evaluating the financial dynamics of a selected investment opportunity.

The present Nigeria economy indicates it’s the best time to invest. At about 350 naira (about 75% increase) to a dollar, a total removal of oil subsidy (about 65% increase in oil price) all happening without an increase in income or salary makes millions of citizen sell their properties at cheap prices to cover for the inflation. Like I said earlier, this is an excellent time to invest but only those that are not affected by the economy can afford to invest.

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