Basic Home Exterior Tips to Enhance Home Sale Prospects
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Basic Home Exterior Tips to Enhance Home Sale Prospects

Unfortunately, very few buildings have a “perfect figure”, when the owners decide to sell. Mostly, precaution is needed to keep the necessary repairs and reconstructions. How small and how much work you want to put your home depends entirely on you. Keep in mind, however, the more attractive your home, the more it attracts the potential buyers. As well, more realistic is a faster sale.

To help you in this important part of home selling as narrated by Diamond Certified, here is a list of tips for your home exteriors. If you have other buildings, such as a shops or private home office, most of the tips in the list shall also apply to these conditions.

The main tips:

  • Do not leave litter on the roadside between the street and the front door
  • Remove engine oil stains on your roadways if there is any
  • Repair cracks or broken bits in the walkways and driveways
  • Toys, bikes should be cleared off the driveway. (The driveway should be free of cars)
  • Remove weeds and grasses around the compound.
  • Cut plants romancing the windows (for security reasons and brighter room lighting)
  • Cut dead tree branches.
  • (in the autumn), rake leaves
  • (in the winter) shovel the snow.
  • Clean out pet stains and debris.
  • If home is made of wood, it should be painted.
  • Clean the gutter Eaves.
  • Repair any part of the roof that is leaking
  • Repair cracks in home foundation
  • Clean all house windows, including the ones in the garage
  • Replace cracked or broken window glasses
  • Repair and / or replace all home air conditioners
  • Make sure exterior doors works properly. It is easy to open and close.
  • Oil any stiff door hook.
  • Make sure door-bells are working properly.
  • Remove all prayer lights (candles)
  • make sure there is light at your home front door
  • Clean lawn furniture
  • Put garden tools in the garage or basement
  • Carefully roll in any garden hoses
  • Make sure the house is free of clutter, especially the spoilt toys
  • Repair and / or replace loose door or wall posts

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1st November 2016 11:30 am

If you are planning to sell your home, make sure to check out these tips. They will surely work in selling your home faster. Just like painting and putting proper lights in your outdoor area. These two must be done right.