3 Simple Steps in Selling/Leasing Your Real Estate Properties
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3 Simple Steps in Selling/Leasing Your Real Estate Properties

Step 1.

Register your account by following this link https://www.digitproperties.com/register

Step 2.

Update your profile by following this link https://www.digitproperties.com/my-account/ and then click on “My Profile”. This is important because every prospective buyer will want to know all they could about you. Enter detailed description in the “About” section. This could be about yourself, services offered, previous clients or projects and any other thing that could convince your prospective client you are capable of handling his/her transactions. We usually suggest a minimum of 400 words. Do not also forget other fields like phone number, contact address and most especially your display photo which may be your photograph, your brand logo or business card.

Step 3.

Upload your Advertisements/listings by following this link https://www.digitproperties.com/add-listing. Before you set for uploading, you must have taken pictures or videos of the property you want to sell or rent. This is undoubtedly important as various analysis shows that adverts with pictures sell 100 times more than those without pictures.

Even if it’s a farm land or bushy environment, pictures should still be taken anyway. We allow you to up to 15 attachments (pictures, videos & documents) for you. Let your advert/listing title create attention and should also correspond to the property you are selling or leasing e.g. “cheap 3 bedroom bungalow for rent in lekki” and also, let your listing description explain to detail what you are actually selling or leasing e.g. https://www.digitproperties.com/listing/3-bedroom-executive-bungalow-rent-behind-christ-high-school-ashipa-ibadan/.

It is your listing description that will sell your property, do not copy and paste advertisements from other website to avoid any SEO problem and we suggest a minimum 200 words for your listing description. You can learn more by following this link http://retipster.com/howtowriterealestateads/.

Use the map provided to indicate property location either by typing the address in the space provided and then selecting one of suggested options or by dragging the map pointer to the desired spot and save your listing.

Your Listing will be reviewed and published within the space of 24 hours.

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