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Well Finished 4bedroom terrace on two floors with a bq all room Ensuite wit a swimming pool and Gym wit his own under ground Garage that can park 2 cars and space that car park 8 cars, 6 units in a compound 4units gone 2 left for #70m is at Chevron alternative route lekki 5bedroom Terrace on 2floors at Lekki Garden 2 chevron Alternative route lekki wit massive space for car park children playing ground for #40m asking is 80% complete come n do the finishing Well finished 2 units of Fully Built 5bedroom detached Duplex with a bq wit Ample car parked in Osapa London lekki for #80m asking each Well finished 4 units of 4bedroom semi detached duplex with a bq all room Ensuite at Osapa London lekki for #70m asking Well finished 3bedroom flat for sale at unity road Osapa London for #30m asking Well finished 2bedroom flats at unity road Osapa London lekki for #25m Well finished 4bedroom with bq , 2 lobby up n down a lundry house standing on 500sqm with a space for swimming pool at Pinnock water view Estate Lekki #135m asking Well built 5bedroom fully detached duplex wit 2rooms bq house on 500sqm at Lakeview Park Estate Ikota lekki for #120m asking. Fully detached duplex of 4bedroom with a bq and 5bedroom with bq in Eleganza Garden for sale sale call for prices Victory parked Behind Femi Okunnu Estate Lekki 900sqm For #90m asking with Governor consent Land measuring 2400sqm fenced round with Gate at Kusenla road Elegushi for #280m asking with Governorconsent A plot of land sand filled at Kusenla road for #70k per sqm with C of O 1800sqm of Land at back of lekki garden beside Kusenla road Elegushi lekki for #170m asking with Governor consent Land measuring 1400sqm on Odudu Eleyiwo street Oniru for #240m asking Governor consent Plots of land measuring 850sqm at Alternative route ,ONIRU for #170m asking GOV consent Land measuring 702 sqm a corner piece at Oba sijuade close chevy view estate Lekki #70m Net with Governor consent Land measuring 685sqm beside bellasinmo hotel chevy view estate Lekki #65M asking ojumu deed of Assignments Lands in lakeview park estate ikota for #60k per sqm 5plots of land at Lakeview Park Estate sandfly gated facing the Express in front Ikota shopping complex Good for a mall for #500m 6 plots of land facing Express in front God is Good motors after Aja New Bridge For #400m with C of O Land measuring 900sqm at Lekki scheme 2 for #20m Letter of Allocation 50 plots of land with C of O at the bck of lekki Garden 4 Aja for #8m each Plots of land Measuring 624sqm at Elemoro beside the Tinubu shopping Mall beechwood Estate, sharing same road with newly police college for #6m with Governor consent A full plot of land Beside Beechwood Estate for #2.5m deed of Assignments of omo oni le Mrmuyiw

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