What Buyers should expect from an Estate Agent
As a buyer, you will need to pay an agent for services provided in buying the property. You may have to deal with several agents or their representatives, depending on who is in charge of the sale of such property of interest. You can leave the details of the needed property and the price range to more than one agent. One or more of the agents will then contact you if your prescribed property is
Steps in Making Right Decisions When Buying a Property
Buying or selling a property can be difficult and might take some time. Even before you make the ‘Last Decision’ about the property you wish to buy, where to source money to finance the purchase, or which agent, surveyor or lawyer you engage while selling your property, there are other important decisions you will have to make. Doing your research by following some simple steps will help you make right choices and also help avoid
Once you've got mentally graduated from the ranks of a jobholder, one who antecedent traded time for money, it becomes imperative that you simply understand the distinction between the ideas of speculating and investing. The variations are crucial, particularly when it involves the protection of your hard-earned investment money. Speculate: To enter into dealing or venture in which the profits are theoretic or subject to chances i.e. to buy or sell with the hope of
The first decade of the twenty first century proved itself a good time to invest in commercial land. Interest rates on loan at that time are at historic lows, capital is almost instantly accessible, inflation is low, the real estate market seems poised for substantial growth and some tax relief Act has created variety of considerable tax benefits for commercial land investors. These factors show the very fact that this is the time to buy.
  MAKE DOCUMENTATION A PRIORITY Do not accept a scanty offer letter from the developer. Have a proper contract caught up with clauses on delays, default in payment, obligations of the parties and even the quality of finishing within the buildings. INVESTIGATE First do a correct investigation on the integrity of the developer and their various projects. Search of land title documents and perusal of building plans and approvals should also be undertaken and not
  Prime Locations include Gwarimpa, Jabi, Asoboro, Utabo, Maitama. These all are the prime locations however there are future places libe Katampe, Dawabi and so on. When you move to locations like Lugbe, the price of building and also the cost of land aren't proportionate. So, being a prime location needs to do with the worth of the land such that when a developer desires to invest his cash, it will be proportionate to the
Step 1. Register your account by following this link Step 2. Update your profile by following this link and then click on “My Profile”. This is important because every prospective buyer will want to know all they could about you. Enter detailed description in the “About” section. This could be about yourself, services offered, previous clients or projects and any other thing that could convince your prospective client you are capable of handling
Many of us has seen surveyors either on a parcel of land or on a road stretch, looking through there telescopes and marking points on the ground. The information provided from their measurements gives us rest of mind, knowing that the property you are trying to buy or sell are the ones that are stated to be on the survey plan provided. And best of all, the plan provided is an official document that has
Sample architectural plan
Architects are important members of any real estate business team because they have the ability to provide creativity, magic, and innovation that can transform a property into a showpiece. They also have the ability to curb a lot of expense that sometimes isn’t needed. Good architect understand that even though they have the ability to turn a project into the one that provides accolades and acclaim, the project itself may dictate otherwise. The project may
What is conveyance? Conveyance is the legal technical term used to effect a transfer of interest in property (land or housing) from one person termed the vendor to another person termed the vendee by means of executed instrument called deed. Deed on the other hand is a written document which is signed, sealed and theoretically delivered by a party disposing the land. Sometimes we do not bother to proceed with the documentation of the land
Statutory Right of Occupancy
The only thing which will be held on the land is interest of that Land and not the land itself; this may mean otherwise to different individuals. The following are the kinds of interests which will be held on the land: a) Interest in kind of deed b) Interest in kind of leases c) Interest in kind of mortgages d) Interest in kind of gifts e) Interest in kind of loans f) Interest in kind
A real estate lawyer is different from an ordinary lawyer. Transactions in real estate are different from other business transactions, so it is important to hire a lawyer who is experienced and understands more of real estate business. Hiring an ordinary lawyer without good real estate knowledge poses a great risk. A good real estate lawyer can take a lot of the pressure off you by taking responsibility for coordinating a real estate team. A

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